Will 2021 be as boring as 2020?


Paul Miron – Managing Director:

I am sure, with millions of other Australians, we are all collectively looking forward to the holidays. Whether that be spending time with the family or re-exploring our new covid-19 freedoms, whilst holding our breath that current and future outbreaks are contained.

12 months ago I wrote in an article titled “2019 was one of the most action-packed years”. 2020 has left 2019 for dust, by comparison, we had bushfires, droughts, floods, Covid-19, crazy US election, riots, and an ongoing trade war with our largest trading partner just to name a few. I never imagined I would be saying that I truly hope for a boring, safe, and mundane 2021.

Despite Covid-19 being a catalyst of such significant disruption, both economically and socially, Australia has set a gold standard on how best to deal with this crisis on both fronts. We truly have to appreciate either our good fortune or attribute it to good management. Either way, I have said this on many occasions, Australia is indeed one of the luckiest countries in the world. Despite most of the world entering in 2nd and 3rd waves with the added calamity of a possible mutant Covid-19 variant, relatively speaking we have done an exceptional job.

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